Helping school-age learners to achieve and demonstrate their full potential

It’s a sad reality of traditional language schooling ‚Äčthat only 0.5% of students who major in a foreign at high school/college, can actually maintain a conversation in that language (as proven by a survey done by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages – ACTFL).

This is, above all, due to the fact that the classroom context does not allow sufficient opportunity for personal, expertly-guided PRACTICE.

Our experienced coaches can help your child, 1-on-1 online, through our personal coaching programs to achieve real progress, by expertly supplementing their classroom tuition.

As exam prep specialists, we can also help your child achieve the results you desire in their college Advance Placement grading exams such as the AP.

Since our online scheduling is highly flexible (we are available 7 days a week, from 7am to 10pm Guatemala time GMT -6, which corresponds to Central time; you can choose between sessions of 30 minutes or one hour), we can tailor our personal coaching to your child’s needs, availability and aptitude. Our tutors are experienced teachers and understand, pedagogically, that to be efficient the coaching needs to be fun and engaging.

If your child is gifted and is stagnating within a class peer group that’s not equally motivated or talented, our online coaching is that EXTRA that will boost your child’s Spanish abilities and thus open doors to better college placement, but also to enhanced future career opportunities in our globalized new world.